I don’t know if you have noticed that running your own business can be a lonely place, right?  I mean, the main benefit is also the main downside.  The great news is you get to decide everything yourself. The bad news is ……you get to decide everything yourself.

Why is that bad?

Well, sometimes you don’t know the right answer. Hell, sometimes you don’t even know the right questions.

I decided some time ago that I needed at least one JV (joint venture) in my journey of being a business owner or I would go crazy, and therefore I joined forces with my business partner and great friend Marion Bevington to create the Find Your Why Foundation which has online programs and offers retreats for busy stressed business women who need some support.

But Mastermind Groups are not just for support, I believe the big 3 benefits of mastermind groups are Community, Collaboration and Challenge.

So, what do I mean by community?  Well, the right mastermind group will make you feel like you are in something bigger than yourself.  And yes, there is support there, but not just support.  It is more about identity, about being with like-minded people who you can be yourself with.  If you are fed-up you can’t really share that with your staff. But you can share that with your mastermind buddies.

You can also test out ideas in the right community and learn from others who have already been there and done that.  You can sense check actions before you take them. You can be inspired by others, and yes, you can get the support you need.  You can cry together, laugh together and celebrate success (and birthdays!) together.

When it comes to collaboration, then the Mastermind Group is the ideal place to find opportunities for joint venturing.  Here is a group of people you already know, like and trust, and in the course of conversations, spending time with people and getting to know each other ideas for joint ventures will come up, trust me!

And when you collaborate with the right people, magic happens.  Not only do you potentially double your skills and knowledge in one go, you also are not on your own anymore.  There is someone else (not an employee), who has as much passion as you about your offering, who has as much to gain or lose and therefore will work as hard to make it work. The other reason JV’s work is that they involve benefit number 3…..

Challenge.  So, what do I mean by Challenge?  I mean the people in the right mastermind group will hold you accountable and vice versa.  Would you agree with me that as a solopreneur or the head of a business, there might not be anyone to keep you accountable?  Isn’t it sometimes easy to procrastinate, do other more interesting stuff, put the washing on when you should be doing invoicing (or is that just me?).

Do you think it is true that when there is a deadline, or when there are consequences, or both associated with a task, that task is much more likely to get done?  But what if it’s YOU making the deadline or deciding the consequences, then it is easy to let it slide, right?

So, if you are looking for the right kind of mastermind, I invite you to initially join us at The Find Your Why Foundation here. Here you will find an online community, where you will get plenty of collaboration and challenge, and all for less than the price of an average Mars Bar per day!

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