It can’t have escaped your notice that a week on Saturday we will have a new addition to the Royal Family, when Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry.   Every wedding (royal or not) should be a happy occasion and I’m sure this one will be.  But it will be different from most.

There are a lot of ‘firsts’. She is the first actress to join the British Royal Family. And this will be the first time an American has joined the Royal Family although not the first time a member of the royal family has married an American. Of course, Edward the 8th married Wallis Simpson in 1937, who like Megan, was also an American divorcee.

In those days that was unacceptable and Edward had to abdicate the throne to marry her, therefore she never actually “joined” the royals.  And not only is this the first American divorcee marrying into a ‘post holding’ Royal, this is the first bi-racial person to marry a British Royal, certainly for over 200 years.

There is speculation that Princess Charlotte, wife of King George 3rd, was of Portuguese/African descent – but that is not confirmed.  In any case – it is all ground breaking and, at the same time, just as it should be.  They met, they fell in love, they are getting married.

What is actually brilliant is that Meghan is someone who follows her heart, her passion and her Genetic Blueprint. A Genetic Blueprint is a way to review yourself and the parts of you that are within you from birth.

Megan has long been a campaigner for women’s rights.  Back as an 11-year-old she wrote to Proctor and Gamble after being horrified by an advert which announced that “women used (Proctor and Gamble washing up liquid) to fight dirty plates”.  She wrote and politely suggested they change that to “people” rather than “women” as she was (rightly) horrified that most ads seemed to show women or mothers doing all the work in the house.

Megan’s Genetic Blueprint shows she is a Specialist (there are 5 types in total) with a creative mind and (no surprise) the ability to know when to speak & when to be quiet!

At 15 she volunteered in soup kitchens.  She has also been involved in the international charity – One Young World, speaking on gender equality and modern-day slavery, and been an ambassador for ‘World Vision Canada’, traveling to Rwanda for a clean water campaign, amongst other activities.

As a Specialist, she also knows how to use her gut instinct to make decisions and when interviewed she says that she and Harry had a connection. Knowing your genetic blueprint is an important part of knowing who you were born to be (ok so maybe it can’t tell you if you’ll be marrying into royalty… but it does help you understand the person you are and were always meant to be!).

When people find out their Genetic blueprint it is like a light bulb going off. It’s like finding out your family history / ancestry and understanding why you are a certain way.  Suddenly all your strengths, your hang ups, your reactions make sense.  Megan is clearly following her style and flourishing!

PM me or comment if you’d like to find out your genetic style to find out who you really were born to be!


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