Mid Life – Why This is Your Time

When you think of “midlife” is the next word you think of “crisis”?  Does that bring up images of men buying sports cars, becoming gym freaks and replacing their long-suffering wives with younger versions?

That is the traditional view of midlife, isn’t it?  That it is a crisis that happens to men and therefore impacts on women.

But actually, everybody goes through a ‘mid-life crisis’ at least twice in their lives.

There is something that happens around age 19 (or maybe 22/23) and 56-58.  There is an energy associated with those times.  They are times of realisation that life has irrevocably changed.

At 19 – when you have left childhood behind – or at least school (or perhaps at 22/23 emerging from university or further education) – there is a realisation that your childhood is over.  There is usually much excitement and maybe some sadness.  It is the closing of one era but the opening of another – a potentially more exciting phase.

The phase that hits later can bring the opposite feelings.  There may be more lack and regret, more sadness, and a feeling of more to look back on than to look forward to.  Many people deal with this by trying to turn the clock back – hence the fast cars, gym body (or attempt at), and younger model partner.  That’s how some men (mostly) deal with this time.

For women, it can be very different.  This time of reflection is generally sparked by a D.

The 5 ‘D’s of Mid-Life?

There has been a Divorce or a Disappointment – perhaps a redundancy.  Maybe there has been a Desertion – could be a husband or partner, or it could be an empty nest – children who have left home for a job, a new relationship, to travel or for their studies.

Or maybe there has been a Disaster.  Covid would fall under that category.  Or a serious illness.  Even a passing.  In some ways, all of these things are a Death.  They are the end of something, the closing of a chapter.

And in this time of change, there are mixed feelings and emotional ups and downs.  But once acceptance has been allowed in, there is also the realisation that this is a time of great opportunity. It is your time!

This can be a time where a woman changes career or starts their own business.  There is certainly the feeling that the time for putting everyone else first is over.  This is YOUR time.  That’s exciting.  But it can also be a bit overwhelming.  What do you actually want?  Do you know?  Or has it been so long since you thought about what you want, that you have no idea how to start?

Many people at this time feel a lack of clarity around Purpose.  They are not sure what their purpose is.  They used to think their purpose was their kids.  But, as you will have heard me say before, your kids are your responsibility, they are not your purpose.

How do you Find Your Purpose?

Well, it was a question I struggled with for many years.  And I spent a lot of time, money, and energy into finding a path to discovering my purpose.  And when we started the Live Love Laugh Lounge (home of the WHYs Women), I spent some time unpicking that and putting it back together.  So, we now have a robust process, for helping people to find their WHY.

Because would you agree, when you know your WHY, all other decisions are easy, plans make sense, goals can be achieved.

If you feel there is something missing and you would love to know your why – come and join us in the Live Love Laugh Lounge, where you will find a community of like-minded women, who are discovering their purpose and re-discovering themselves!   https://www.livelovelaughlounge.com/WHYs-Passion-Project

Feel free to book a slot in my diary for a free life purpose exploration call now to find out why this is – Your Time!  https://calendly.com/cheryl-29/life-purpose-exploration-call



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