This week I have been recording for Sky TV as I announce my new global movement to help and guide 10 million disheartened souls from asking “Why” to asking “Why Not?”.  That sounds like a scary figure, doesn’t it?

Well here’s the thing with big hairy scary goals.  They create momentum.  They create innovation.  They create better questions and they take the focus off YOU and your small problems and onto the dream, the inspirational goal, the OTHER people.

Think about it.

When JFK said America was going to the moon, did that shift some butts and brains into thinking HOW to achieve it.  He didn’t say – we are going to test out flying just beyond the atmosphere and then we will come back.  He didn’t say – we’ll go half way.  And he didn’t say ‘might’ or ‘hopefully’.  He said what he wanted, what the big dream was.  And as a result they just went and achieved it (with I am sure a lot of hard work and effort).
And why is that?

Well, it is partly because wishy washy goals don’t really inspire anyone to do much of anything.  If you want to increase your turnover by 10% you don’t really have to change much, do you?  You can pretty much keep on doing what you always did and spend a little bit more on FB ads, or make a couple more phone calls a week and that would be enough.

On the other hand, if you set your intention as doing 10 x the turnover in the next 12 months, then you need to really change your thinking and your actions, as doing what you always did won’t get you there.  It all needs to change.

And one of the biggest things that has to change is your beliefs about yourself.  You see, if you have a mindset thinks you are worth a certain figure then you will never exceed that figure, and that applies to anything and everything.  And you can’t hide in a corner when you have a big fat scary goal.  You have to be visible, you have to put yourself out there, or no one will know about your dream and no one will help you to achieve it.

One of the biggest questions we get asked at the Find Your Why Foundation is “Why Do I Look So Awful on Video” – or more truthfully “Why Do I Think I Look So Bad On Video and Can’t Bear To Watch Myself?”.

Well, the short answer is – you don’t and the longer answer is – it’s all in your mind, and you really need to get over yourself, get over your fear of failure, your fear of being judged, your fear of what will happen if you are not “perfect” or of being rejected.  As Marion says “Build a Bridge and Get Over Yourself”.

If you have a big goal, and that involves helping others in any way, then they have to know you exist.

My mission is much bigger than me – so I need others to join in the WHY Revolution.  Are you in??

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