One Day That Changes Your Life

This morning one of those things popped up on my Facebook – you know – the memories they pop up and remind you of.  This one was from 5 years ago – June 2016 – when I was speaking in Toronto at an event called Women in Power.

How things change!

I’ve changed for a start.  Back then I was Dark Haired, Depressed, and Drinking.  And now I am none of those things.  What changed the world for me, was not the pandemic, but discovering public speaking.  Finding out I was pretty good at it, and not only that, that I was ‘World Class’ at teaching and coaching public speaking (according to the awards won).

The world has also changed since then.  Once going around the country or around the world to take part in a conference – as a delegate or a speaker – was commonplace.  The only decision you had to make was did you have the time to attend.  Now those days seem like a lifetime ago.

As things begin to tentatively open up again to ‘real world’ events, one thing I have noticed is that there are broadly two approaches to getting back face to face.  Some people can’t wait and are biting at the bit to get out there.  But a larger proportion of people are not looking forward to it.

There is a sort of agoraphobia amongst a large percentage of the population who aren’t exactly fearful of going out but just don’t want to.  And it’s understandable after the year and a quarter we have all just had.  And therein lies a big opportunity.

Where conferences and live speaking gigs were once almost 10 a penny – now that is far from the truth.  And therefore, the live events and the speakers at those live events stand out in a way they probably didn’t before.

Those women who are looking to make a change in the world, to start a movement or to just be seen as the leader in their field, have a once in a lifetime (we hope) opportunity to stand out from the crowd right now.

I am looking for 12 women who are ready to step into their power at our next Sensational Speaker Day in July.  This is an exciting day where you come into your power.  It starts with a conversation with me, to find out if we are a fit.  Working together over the following weeks we will create your powerful keynote which you will deliver live, and have professionally recorded on the day.

You will also be interviewed by me – a bit Graham Norton style but without the Graham Norton Sauvignon Blanc (unless you want to bring your own!!). This is also recorded by a professional videographer, which you can use for your marketing.  And lots of other great stuff happens – including you becoming a published author without having to write a word!!

Click on this webinar and find out how this all works.

In the webinar, I talk about some of the women on our last Sensational Speaker Day – the issues that they were struggling with, and how they overcame them.  I will tell you more about how the process works, and what is involved, including the investment required.

If you think it is time to become the go-to expert in your industry without coming off as a show-off, without giving free support and advice, and without creating a boring PowerPoint presentation then watch the webinar now.

This could be the day that changes your life!

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