I’d like to tell you a story, about an amazing woman called Tigger.  Well, actually her name was Dawn, but she had the energy of Tigger.  She literally brightened every room she walked into.  You may have come across her.  Her full name was Dawn De Vivre (Dawn Gibbins Cox MBE).

Dawn was a local legend in South Cheshire – having co-founded, grown and sold Flowcrete.  She won the Veuve Clicquot business woman of the year award, an MBE and was a secret millionaire in the show of the same name – donating £250k to 3 local charities.  This was an experience which Dawn said changed her life.

Dawn herself changed many people’s lives.

I used to enjoy her annual visits to my homes, to Feng Shui them.  After my initial contact with Marie Diamond – who introduced me to Feng Shui – Dawn was the implementor and guide for me through to a life of abundance.  We met when I was teaching her to be a better public speaker.  She taught me much more than that.

She was literally a person who lit up any room she was in and impacted positively on everyone she interacted with.  I struggle to think of another person so inherently positive and uplifting to all around them.

And so it was with immense sadness when I visited her on Dec 27th 2021, I heard the news that she had cancer and was told she had 4 weeks to live.  She lived for 5 and a half weeks, and left this earthly plane on February 11th.

On Feb 22nd there was a celebration of Dawns life.  An auspicious day indeed – 22.2.22 – and a fitting day to remember someone so inspirational who shone so brightly.

Dawn was not someone to spend any precious time on sadness or ‘Why Me?’ thoughts.  She was as upbeat and inspirational as she ever was.  But there was one thing she said to me that made me feel very sad.  She said, “I wish I had written that book”.

Despite all the things she had given to others, all the ways she had supported them to live their best lives and all the accomplishments she had under her belt – there was still something she had wanted to do, but never got around to.  And I wish I had been able to help her with that.

And so now more than ever before, my mission is to help women stop saying ‘Why me?’ and say instead ‘why not me?’.  I want to help them achieve the things they want to, so that when it is time to move on to the next phase of existence, there are no regrets.

Events like this really make it urgent for you to wake up and smell the roses, as the saying goes.  There are things you want to do, right?  And what is it that you are waiting for, before you will do them?  Or before you will even prioritise the time to decide what it is that you want?

No-one knows the time they have left, so enjoy every single day.  Be thankful for every day – whatever it brings, and don’t put off till later the things you can do today.  No regrets.

If you knew Dawn and would like to help celebrate her life again – you can.  There is a memorial service at 2pm on Sunday 27th Feb at The Monastery, Gorton, Manchester.  Please wear Yellow, Orange or Gold, so we can try and shine as brightly as Dawn!





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