Why Public Speaking Skills are important for Parents.

Public Speaking skills for parents?  You might be wondering if I have lost the plot.  Most parents speak to their kids on a daily basis, right? 

Well, that’s not what I am referring to.

One of the most important reasons for you to master your public speaking skills is to inspire and set a good example for your kids.  Children pick up many of their most powerful beliefs from YOU.  So what are they seeing?

Do they see someone comfortable in their own skin and happy to stand up and speak out – either in everyday life or on stage?  Or do they see a shy retiring wallflower, petrified of public speaking?  It’s very important.

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One of my friends – Carole – who is also a public speaker, was running an event a few years back.  Her (then) 14-year-old daughter asked if she could come to the event as it was an “inset” day at school.  She then asked could she speak at the event.  Her Mum of course, said yes, and the daughter set off to write her intro to the day as she was going to start the day off.

Well, she was only going to be doing the logistics – here’s the running order/there is no fire drill/the toilets are located….  On the day, however, she managed to break the ice with the audience, make the intro funny AND inspire them with a Morgan Freeman quote. 

Despite being very nervous and trying to back out at the last minute, she did it.  And it boosted her confidence tremendously.  What a gift that she had a Mum who could give her that opportunity, by not only providing the event, but also the example that her daughter wanted to follow.

Sell Your Parenting Ideas

The days of children being seen and not heard are well and truly over.  In the ‘old’ days, the parents’ word was law and they didn’t have to try hard to be heard.  Nowadays that has completely changed and parents need to work hard on their communication skills to be able to get their kids onside without ruling with an iron fist. 

The more you can debate with your kids and “sell” your ideas to them the better, as you are teaching THEM how to communicate in the real world.  You are teaching them that you don’t get want you want by having a tantrum or being unreasonable, or ignoring the other persons wants, needs or feelings. 

Mother and daughter - the importance of passing on good public speaking skills

If you can teach them the skills of great public speaking, you are giving them a huge gift that will come in handy at school, college, university (if relevant), in the workplace, in their own business if they end up doing that, and in their relationships. 

You may also have to speak at family occasions, at a wedding or funeral, or a party.  And if you can do that with skill, confidence and calm, then your kids will want to emulate you. 

Could you give them a better life skill? 

Are you looking to improve your public speaking skills?

If you would like help in improving your Public Speaking Skills then please feel free to contact Cheryl for more information.

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