It’s Sensational Speaker Positioning Day!

In case you haven’t been reading your email recently, or looking at my posts on social media – I thought I would let you know why me and Mazza (Marion Bevington) are so excited today.

It’s Sensational Speaker Positioning Day!

What’s Sensational Speaker Positioning Day?  Well, it is the culmination of a couple of months of hard work, and by ‘eck is it all worth it!

Today 9 lovely enlightened souls with a special message to share, have come over to a secret venue (well my house actually) to present their 20-minute talk – so that they can get out there in the world and be seen, be heard, and be THEM.

Let me go back a step or two.

Back in February and early March, these girls (and a guy) booked on to the Sensational Speaker Program.  And thence began their journey until today!

So first – they had a dream, an idea that they wanted to bring to life.  They knew that in order to do that they needed to have the confidence and presence to present live on stage, and to camera.  They knew that they needed help to achieve that.

They also knew they needed help in crafting that critical 20 minutes, such a long time to speak (if you’re nervous) and in the same instance – no time at all when you are actually delivering it.

So, they put on their big girl (and big boy) pants and backed themselves.  They booked a call with me to discuss whether the Sensational Speaker Positioning Program was right for them and whether they were right for it.

Not everyone gets in – but these 9 were the chosen cohort for the April Program.

And then the work began.

First, they had to come up with an idea, and get feedback on whether that idea would work as a talk.  They had to write and then deliver their talk to camera and send it to me.  Then came the first hard bit.  They had to be prepared to take some (brutally honest) feedback, change some things about what they were delivering, practise it and re-record it and send it to me again.

More feedback.

And finally, today – they got to stand on a stage, in front of a camera (recording and editing by the wonderful Rebecca Andrews Productions who filmed our TEDx event back in December 2019).

Not only that but they all had an individual interview with me to talk about their business or their idea, and why they are passionate about it.  They talk about how they live, what they love, and what makes them – or the people around them – laugh on a daily basis.  This is, of course, the premise of the Live Love Laugh Lounge, and these Live Love Laugh LIVES.

They will get these edited videos, to put out on their own social media and websites, their YouTube channels or speakers’ showreels.  And not only that, but each one of them will become a published author, in a multi-author book that will be published not long after the event.  All without having to write a single word themselves.

What an amazing day we have had.  There have been laughs, and tears (or laughter).  There have been nerves and the overcoming of nerves.  There has been relief – when it all went to plan.  And pride – that despite all obstacles, including their own negative little voices, they have done it.  They have delivered amazing talks, which will help them now be seen, be heard, and most importantly – be them!

Amongst the incredible band of speakers today, we have had the inspirational Alison Butters asking the question “Are You Ready to Leave Your Prison Behind?”.  And the lovely Wendy Sneddon talking about the “7 C’s in Succcccccess Business Strategy”.  I thought the topic that Nur Kua was talking about was particularly poignant and apt for today – “The Importance of Finding The Silver Lining”.

Well, the silver lining of all of their hard work was certainly visible today.  If you would like to know who the other speakers were and listen to some of the amazing talks, keep your eye out for future blogs and our social media.  All will be revealed!

As you are reading this, we are winding down the day, the amazing speakers are on their way home, and everyone has a smile on their face.  Which is what life’s all about, is it not?

If you are feeling a bit of speaker envy and would like to know how you can be invited to be one of our next cohort of speakers for July, please email me at



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