You may have noticed UK PLC pretty much shutting down over the last week.  You see, everything was going smoothly, there was even a day a couple of weekends ago where it felt like winter was giving way to Spring.  Did it feel like that for you?

And then – the “Beast from the East” came.  The snow hit.  And we are not very good at that are we?  It’s down to money of course, as are most things at a National Level.

For example, when Manchester Airport was built – things were quite different.  Manchester – or Ringway Airport (RAF Ringway in WW2), was initially just a runway and a couple of hangars.  After the war it turned over time into a civilian airpoprt with the first terminal opening in 1962.

According to a local taxi driver – the airport used to be set up to deal with snow.  They had the proper ‘blowers’ and de-icers but due to infrequent use the equipment was not replaced at the end of its useful life, and now – like many airports in the UK, it struggles to cope with a sudden snowfall.

I have no way of verifying this of course, but it sounds like it could be true.

And what is definitely true in life is that sudden changes and challenges (you know – when the ‘shit’ shows up), can throw people into a tailspin.  Everything seems to be going as expected and then BAM – something happens and you wonder what hit you.  You have to back track or have to make changes with no planning, and no real idea if they will work or not.

A bit like travelling around the last few days.  Someone I know had to travel from Manchester to the east coast.  The trains were cancelled east, so she tried to get to Manchester airport to hire a car. Local trains were then cancelled, so she got a cab to the airport.  On the way there she got news that the M62 was closed.  So, she ended up waiting at the airport until the trains started running east again and got on one.

Now – there is not a lot you can do with the snow – except to be prepared.  There were people stranded in cars for hours and overnight.  That’s bad.  But less bad if you made sure you had a full tank of petrol, blankets in the car, a phone charger with you, food and drink in the car.  It’s not like we have never had snow before is it?  And it’s not like the weather forecasters weren’t warning about this. So, preparation is the key to minimising curve balls.

And that’s a bit like running your own business.  There are things you hope won’t happen – but they might.  And therefore you should prepare.  You should prepare for your biggest client going out of business, or your key staff member getting ill or leaving.  The problem is – when you haven’t experienced something before – how do you even know what to prepare for?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know in advance what might happen and be prepared for it.  How about if you knew what equipment you needed, and knew where to get advice and who you could rely on?

Well, that’s where you need a good support group.  And that’s why we created the Live, Love, Laugh Lounge and the Man Cave.  I like to think of the Find Your WHY Foundation as a business or personal development focused emergency service.  There are lots of positive benefits to being a member everything from – learnings, tools, tips and techniques to use in everyday life even when there is no major emergency 🚨 and, of course, when there is.

It is all about community, creativity & collaboration … so come & join in.  And if you prefer a more face to face experience – join some of our WHYS women and men at our event next Thursday in Manchester, where you will hear from and meet not only Marion Bevington and myself but also our friends from Leading Women in Business, and UK Fast – our co-hosts of the event.  And – added bonus – if you are interested in The Law Of Attraction, we have as our special guest speaker – Marie Diamond from the film The Secret!  Book Your Ticket Now!




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