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Well, as you know, I’ve been traveling around the world. I’ve been doing some workshops in Singapore and Sydney, across South Africa a couple of times, in the UK and London and then I went on holiday to Spain. So it was nearly all the Ss, wasn’t it?

But I’m back now, back in my office and back into creation mode. So I’m going to be working on a new book called How to Stop Blaming and Start Gaining, and wondering if that would be an interest to you? On the way back, I couldn’t help but laugh because we were at Manchester Airport waiting for the luggage, as you do, and it amazes me at places like this. I mean when you watch people – I love people-watching, I will be honest. But when you watch people, some of the things we do as human beings are very bizarre.

So you know how you get the turntable if you like or the conveyor belt, isn’t it? When the luggage is coming out. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve seen everybody – I mean not you of course but everybody goes so close to the conveyor belt that nobody can see anything? All the heads up here and like this. They’re trying to find – you know, where is my stuff? Where is my stuff? And everyone is so rammed together that there’s no space. There’s no space to be able to see what’s available, what’s coming next. If everybody actually took a couple of steps back, everybody would be able to see what was coming out of the chute. Then you would be able to see where your luggage was.

Interestingly enough, a lot of luggage is black. Now I used to be guilty of this because now, I have a red one because it stands out a little bit. Lots of people have really colourful design ones. But the interesting thing is that the problem of – everyone is standing so close that nobody can see anything.

The thing is that got me thinking as these things do. If everyone just took a couple of steps back, everybody could see, everybody would be able to say, “Oh look, there’s my opportunity to get my suitcase.” Stand forward at that stage and drag the case out.

It would work beautifully. But do you think maybe it says something about us as human beings? We want to be so close to what’s going on. We want to be first. We want to have this. So we’re kind of competitive even when we’re just trying to find our suitcases.

But the other thing I noticed – and this is absolutely crucial – is how stressed people looked when they were looking. They’ve just come out of their holidays. They may be not looking forward to going back to their life if they’re doing a job for example that they don’t like. Maybe they’re coming back to bills. I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. But they put themselves under immense pressure even at the very early stage of when they’ve just landed back from that holiday to get their luggage.

Now what does that say to us about human beings in other areas of our lives? I mean are you the sort of person who stands too close to your problems, so that you can’t really see it? You don’t see any opportunities to really take hold of something that could really be yours?

Because interestingly on Timehop today, it reminded me of two years ago when I was very excitedly going to do a presentation for Andy Harrington, one of my mentors as you may know. It was a massive opportunity to go and speak on one of his stages in South Africa.

I have to be honest. I was shit. That’s right. I bombed. I spoke too quickly. My mouth went dry. I clicked the PowerPoint presentation. I focused on me and how I was feeling. Was everybody thinking how rubbish I was? Instead of focusing on my customer, on my audience.

It reminded me of those people that I was watching getting their suitcases because I was stressed. I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t see the woods for the trees as they say. I was so self-opinionated, worried about me.

But over the last two years, with the help of Andy and a lot of other people who have supported me, has enabled me to realise that the focus isn’t on me. I’m very lucky. I’m very privileged and very grateful for what I’m doing because of those people. It has now enabled me to be able to look at other people’s situations, to be able to help them, if you like, to stand back from the conveyor belt of life, so that they can see the opportunity to pick up something that will serve them, instead of scrambling around, competing with everybody else, being stressed to just pick up the baggage of life.

I just wanted to share that thought with you. Because are you ready to step back from your situation, to be able to analyse what the best time is for you to be able to pick up that next opportunity? Because when you’re so close to the problem, when you’re so close to your baggage, to be quite honest, you can’t see anything that is coming your way.

So I hope you’re ready to take that step back to be able to take the opportunities that are going to be ahead of you for the rest of this year. I look forward to seeing you soon on Cheryl C TV. Remember to live, love and laugh every day and continue to be you in your very unique way. Take care.

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