The Greatest Show In Yorkshire! AKA the launch of the Live Love Laugh Lives!

How do you speak at the moment, when you aren’t allowed in the same building with more than 6 people? Or 15. Or 30. Depending on what and where you are.

Well, it’s a good question, isn’t it? And the answer is rather simple.

You see, nothing has changed. And everything has changed. I know – I’m getting pretty deep for a Friday afternoon, but bear with me.

Before I explain what I mean, let me take you back to 2019. I was thinking of doing a TEDx talk. And that thought became a question in my mind, “Why not HOST a TEDx talk?”

Well, to be honest, if I had known all the reasons ‘why not’, I might have not done it! Because, in the journey to becoming a TEDx host, I had plenty of doubts and plenty of times when I felt like a clown.

There were moments when they (TED) told me I couldn’t do this, and I couldn’t do that and I felt like a clown – always getting things wrong. But we went ahead anyway, and on the day, I felt more like the ringmaster when everything went well, and all the speakers were brilliant and the audience was wowed.

After – while we were waiting for the last 2 speakers talks to be uploaded, I felt like the clown again – maybe I had gotten it wrong. Perhaps their talks wouldn’t get uploaded and I was ‘clowning around’ with these girls feelings.

And then it was all OK, all talks were published and I was back to being the ringmaster – making sure all the acts had equal opportunity to be seen and heard.

And then… back to clown. What an idiot I was to put myself through the process of stepping up, sticking my hand up and saying I wanted to host another TEDx. I should have KNOWN they would turn me down.

Despite the fact that the event was so well attended and so professionally organised by my wonderful gang of helpers. Despite the amazing talks (ALL of which were published on the TED Youtube channel – so they all were approved by TED). And despite the feedback from the crowd.

What a clown!

I had a choice though (don’t we always?). I could accept defeat. Or I could decide that the Show Must Go On and step back into my role as the Ringmaster for maybe not The Greatest Show on Earth, but maybe for the Greatest Show In Yorkshire!

There had to be loads of people who weren’t right for TED or TED wasn’t right for them. People who wanted and deserved the chance to have their story heard. Who needed an opportunity. A stage. Despite lockdowns!

And so an idea was born. A CHEDx !! Brilliant.


No – not really – had you there for a minute!   The idea was The Live Love Laugh Lives.

An event which incorporates all the stuff I wasn’t able to offer last December at TEDx.

This event would not only give people a real stage in front of real people (challenging enough in current times) but I could also coach those people (speakers and non-speakers alike) to be ready to deliver something first class. Something that was uniquely them – their story, their service or products.  Unlimited as to what they could speak about.

I could give them the opportunity for professional headshots, and to have a TV-quality recorded interview, to use for their own marketing. I could have the talks professionally edited so they could turn that into blogs and social media posts.

Hell, I could have the edited transcripts turned into a book and get it published, so each one of them would automatically become a published author, without having to write any of it themselves.

The idea grew and grew and 2 weeks ago, the first-ever Live Love Laugh LIVE, took place in Yorkshire. More stories from the day will follow but let me just say it was a magical and moving experience.

Let me just say that, like the crew of The Greatest Show on earth, this was a bunch of eclectic amazing souls, who don’t necessarily fit into the mould. All with stories to tell, or something to ‘sell’. All of which will shortly be published authors (or in some cases published AGAIN authors).

So, bringing things back to the – everything has changed and nothing has changed. Clearly, the world has changed enormously since March this year. You can either decide to be the clown of the ringmaster. And, here’s the thing.

You see, nothing has really changed. You have always had the power to choose. You can choose to be defeated or you can choose that the show goes on. It may not be the same show – but you always have that choice.

Let me leave you this week with the words of Freddie Mercury and Queen

The show must go on
Inside my heart is breaking
My makeup may be flaking
But my smile, still, stays on

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