There is only one thing as important as public speaking – and that is the thing you’re going to talk about. For many speakers, it may be their life story, their vision or it might be their product (which can also be their service).

And have you ever wondered why some products sell, and others don’t?

Today I thought I would share with you the three crucial steps in developing and finalising your product, so that you no longer need to question if it’s ‘worth it’ or ‘going to make a difference’ (it will!).

Learn From The Best

Let’s look at the highest selling brands in the world. If I ask you to think of a brand what logo comes to mind for you?

Maybe you’re thinking of McDonalds, their products are in high demand. Why? Because they sell food, which everybody needs to survive. Although you could argue that McDonalds is not the best food for survival!

Or maybe you thought of Apple. Not actually a food despite the name, but an innovative technology brand. They’re always ahead of the technology curve. Back when their first product was released to the world, it was new, exciting, and ground-breaking. And they strive to continue that path.

Your product should be like that too. People should want it, feel they need it, and you have to know why.

I’ll give you a hint – people tend to want things for two reasons – either to prevent something, or to add to something. They may see a therapist to decrease negativity in their life, or they may see a coach to boost the positivity in their life. Does that make sense?

Perfect Your Recipe

Whatever your product may be, you have to have a recipe, and it has to be simple to be successful. This not only shows your clients and customers what you do, but also provides evidence that it is a replicable system works.

Think of it like baking a cake. Sometimes you might add different ingredients, but the basic recipe and the process should ALWAYS be the same. You wouldn’t add icing before the cake has finished baking, would you?

Your Product Must Be Replicable

You may be thinking, ‘But hang on, Cheryl, I thought the whole point of my product was to be unique!’ and you’d be right. It needs to be. But it also needs to be replicable.

Look again at McDonalds and Apple. Their brands have existed (and been the top selling in the world) for decades now, and that’s because they’ve been able to make their products reliable and replicable, in order to create a legacy. And that’s what you should do with your product.

If you can turn your ‘recipe’, your knowledge into a system – as McDonalds has done, then you have something that can continue after you pass away. That’s legacy!

This means you’ll be remembered, and you’ll have created something that’s changed the world.

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Cheryl xx

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