You now when something seems like a really good idea, but you have NO IDEA how much hard work it is going to be until you are in the thick of it?  Like having an extension on your house?  Or starting a business?

Well – let me tell you – it’s a bit like that when you get the brilliant idea that maybe you could run a TEDx event! 

TEDx – An Incredible Platform For Storytelling

Well, I can hardly believe it is a week since TEDx AinleyTopWomen 2019.  It was an amazing day with 20 incredible speakers.  And I now have some idea how a proud Mum feels when watching her children in the school play.  This might be even better than that – because I had 20 of them!! 

There were a variety of speakers – some experienced, some not so experienced, some who had never done a talk in front of 100 people before.  19 incredible women and one man, sharing their ideas, their stories, with the world. 

And the audience was entranced.  Right to the very last speaker.  I feel so proud of them all.  And – just like with most Mums – I helped them where I could, to craft their stories into the wonderful, entertaining and thought-provoking pieces that were delivered on Friday 13th December in Huddersfield!

Developing Your Storytelling Skills

Probably my favourite thing in the world (except for speaking on stage myself – which you can’t do if you are the TEDx organiser) is to coach and mentor people with their public speaking and presentation skills

I fell into it accidently,  and found that I was good at spotting the gaps – seeing the things that could be added or taken out to make a series of happenings into an intriguing and compelling story.  I have also learned a few techniques over the years to help with confidence and nerves – which are often the main problem a speaker faces – especially the first time they have to present in public. 

The key thing is to use the story format where you can to get your point over.  Stories are how we learn as children, and as an adult – if you can turn your facts and data into a story – then you have a much greater chance of relating to your audience and them to you. 

We had stories on the day of real-life domestic abuse and its impact on people, and on pets.  We had funny stories from TV and analogies from nature.  And we heard some back stories of the speakers lives and their experiences which led them to their ‘idea worth sharing’.  All were different.  All were thought provoking.  And all were fabulous.  I will share the link when we get the official sign off on the videos.

Family stories are handed down through the generations, and I’d like to think – ‘The day I did a TEDx talk in Huddersfield’, might be one told in a number of those families for years to come. 

Create Your Own Story

So, this Christmas I would like to wish you great story making, story telling and story sharing.  The precious family times you spend, make them count.  Create those stories that will be handed down about Christmas 2019.  One of my friends has a story from Christmas 2017, where her younger brother thought the dog treats in a fancy bowl were human snacks and ate some.  Lol.

Tell stories about your childhood, for your family to share.  Relate stories about loved ones who are no longer with you, to keep their memories and love alive.  And share stories that are part of Christmas for you – whether that be, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, or ‘The Grinch’.  There’s nothing better than a good Boxing Day film, with a leftover turkey sandwich!

Whatever your Christmas and New Year consist of – I wish you the best ones yet, and look forward to connecting with you again in 2020.  Merry Christmas!!

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