What if I told you that the world will be saved by the western woman?

This concept was shared by the Dalai Lama in Tokyo, Japan November 2013. I’d like to add a question: what if one of those women were you?

Women are natural community builders, collaborators and often associated with the ease of communicating (that’s right “talking a lot”).

However, there are a lot fewer female speakers vs their male counterparts, and I believe this is because many women don’t speak out for fear of judgment.

If you’ve ever procrastinated, it may be because you wanted to avoid someone’s opinion of you. I mean, if you don’t complete something, no one can comment on it, right?  Clearly, that’s not a great strategy as you end up achieving nothing.

OK, no one criticises you for what you have done – but they may just have an opinion on why you haven’t achieved your potential.  So, you can’t win with this strategy, right?

And yet, get a group of women together with a common aim, and the volume in the room can reach a high level, with the topics being talked about ranging from A-Z and usually with no holds barred!  And an amazing amount of love, laughter, and real-life lessons to share.

Everyone has a story.  And everyone’s story can help someone else.  Even if you think you have nothing to say, someone somewhere needs to hear your story to help them with their own journey through life.

And that is the basis of this book.


This book will develop clarity to create content for the message you want to share, and the confidence to deliver it, so that you can be seen, heard, and felt by those you can serve.

This is to inspire the next generation of Freedom Speakers and Everyday Influencers…the women who can change the world.

And if you think you’re too small to make a difference…try going to bed with a mosquito! (African proverb).


This was my first recorded presentation and interview. It’s brought some phenomenal results, my first radio interview for one! In discovering my WHY, I have greater confidence in being present and supporting others to transform their lives using the strategies they learn to achieve healthier Life-Work Balance. All thanks to being seen, heard & felt. Lema Daley

This was my first public speaking opportunity and interview and wow it has helped me to share my passion for the hospitality industry, business and why I am driven to help business owners, managers and teams live their best lives whilst enjoying the magic of success. Since this I have been interviewed on TV, national radio stations and I’m looking forward to my next public speaking appearance soon. Thank you Cheryl for guiding me on how to share my wisdom with the industry I love. Alison Magee-Barker, AJ Lakes Consultancy

Thank you 🙏 to everyone who downloaded the Be Seen, Be Heard & Be YOU! Kindle edition  💖
We are officially an Amazon Best Seller hitting number the number 2 spot in the first hour of the day in a tough category 🌟
We also reached the top 15 in Business Life with our paperback in a group including The Godfather’s of Personal Development: Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Napoleon Hill, Darren Hardy & Steven Covey 🥳️
Thank you for all your support & help 🎉🙏💖

And to celebrate this achievement – you can go here to Amazon and download the Kindle version of the book for free – but hurry – it’s not going to be free for long!

Stay Safe.  Much Love

Cheryl xx

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