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WHY! There’s a Problem with Thinking!

Have you ever set a great intention, had a dream or new years resolution? You know it’s something that you really want to have or do? Maybe something that you want to make a change, and theoretically, you’d do anything to get it? When you think about it you feel excited and enthusiastic… and you keep thinking about it and… along comes fear and self-doubt, that’s the problem with thinking!

Hi, I’m Marion Bevington the co-creator (along side Cheryl Chapman) of “The Live Love Laugh Lounge™” Ask me how I know about this…. Yep I’ve been there too!

Here’s the thing.. It’s that fear or doubt that’s helping you to keep ‘playing small’, keep you stuck in the same old rut. Now for you this may be in your business or somewhere else in your life. The thing is you’re often not even be fully aware of what the fears really are, or where the self-doubt comes from…

Well imagine finding the keys to success, using them, wisely (WHY’sly) and being fulfilled, happy and frickin’ awesome as a result!

“The key to success” is for you to make a habit of doing the things you fear, because when that fear shows up, then you can do something about it, stay with me on this…

What are the fears you have that stop you in your personal and social life and in business? Fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of humiliation, fear of losing control, fear of criticism, fear of the unknown — or is there another one that particularly stands out for you?

The list of fears goes on… Cheryl and I have worked with thousands of people and we constantly witness how they are blocked by fear and self-doubt, keeping them ‘playing small’ and “playing it safe” in their business and their family, personal and social lives. In “The Live Love Laugh Lounge™” home of WHY’s Women we find that at first they are often unaware of it (unconscious). They procrastinate, distract themselves, find excuses and reasons and feel blocked or are not even willing to take the steps or do the work that will create the results needed to manifest their intention and desires.

It’s that inner self-doubt, the inner critic and all the fear that consistently has them questioning every single move they make in growing them selves, their business and their lives.

A fear is built on a belief and a belief is just a repeated thought – that’s the problem with thinking.

Next time you hear yourself say “Well I thought it was……” STOP because, as my granny used to say “Well you know what thought did?”  It got me every time, “No?” I’d say
“It followed a dustcart and thought it was a wedding!”

Personally my unconscious and subconscious beliefs about my life and myself began shaping my thinking in childhood. This resulted in those beliefs shaping my expectations, my health and behaviour later in life. Those beliefs were actually working against my conscious intentions and goals and sabotaging my best efforts toward health, fulfilment and success.

Maybe you have experienced the same kind of dynamic drives, maybe you find yourself trapped in the same circumstances and you long to break free. Your unconscious and subconscious beliefs have a powerful grip on you, causing you to act in ways that limit you or constrain you. Possibly you repeat certain patterns that you may have never even recognised.

The good news is that change is possible. It begins with becoming aware of and acknowledging those patterns, those beliefs and their causes. Most often, the causes, the roots of your limiting beliefs have been passed along from your family, your culture, the media and society at large.

So you might be thinking how do you overwrite these with a new set of beliefs?

If you’ve been raised to believe that “you must work hard and for long hours” and that’s the only way to earn money, is it really possible to shift to a narrative, a new story, such as such as, “I can make money easily doing what I love”, and to sustain it?

And how do you shift the ingrained habits that these beliefs have created in order to align your actions with your conscious intentions and goals for greater freedom and abundance.

Of course, it won’t necessarily be painless, as you progress the shit will show up and change may not come instantaneously. I shed many tears along the way as I revisited difficult memories and saw how I had encoded certain events into tightly held beliefs about the world and myself. But once you, like me, uncover your limiting beliefs you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how readily the process of turning your life around becomes.

One of the key fears is “Who will I become”, this is fear of losing your identity or personality, and there is much to say on this topic, you can read more about it here “Why do I have to Change Me?”

In “The Live Love Laugh Lounge™” we offer online lessons and mentorship programs that take you through a step-by-step structured approach with the AIM to Find Your WHY! To Become Frickin’ Awesome.

You’ll discover all you need to know about clarifying and clearing your blocks to abundant health, wealth and happiness!

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