Tomorrows Winners and Losers

I can’t quite believe that its been 3 years.  Find Your Why is 3 years old.  And tomorrow we are having our Awards ceremony and we will be recognising people for their contribution and collaboration.  There will be lots of winners and the headline is misleading really, because there are absolutely no losers, only winners.

Our WHYs women and men are part of a community – part of the global mission to help 10 million people who are at a crossroads.  Through our membership, we provide guidance and support, by way of tangible tools you can use in your life.  These help you to stop asking “Why me?” and start saying “Why not me?”.

And one of the things that it is VERY important to do when you are on a mission is………..

Have fun!

You need to celebrate the progress that you have made, and the fact that you are uniquely YOU.  No-one else can be you, and however hard you may feel life is at times, however much of a struggle, whatever challenges you have been through, there is one absolute truth.  You make a difference.  Just by being you.  You may not feel that at times.  Which is why we have our WHY’s community.

One of the best things about our community is that we recognise each other in all our uniqueness.  And there is always someone there to cheer you on and encourage you to just keep going.  Sometimes that is all that you need.  At other times you might need a new strategy or a new piece of learning.  You will find it all in our Find Your Why community.

So, you might be wondering what happens in the world of Find Your Why and our WHYs women in the Live Love Laugh Lounge & men in the Man Cave.

Well as well as being part of a vibrant and active Facebook group, you also learn through online video lessons.  There is a reason why Facebook favour groups over pages and it is because groups are all about community.  Which ours certainly is.  It’s all about:-

– community to celebrate or commiserate

– live 8am grateful club with me

– meditate with Marion

– expert slots – last week Martin from the man cave shared his knowledge with the WHYs ones

And, of course, we have fun too!

If you’d like some support – and fancy coming along to our annual celebration next time, have a look at the full details of membership here, it’s just a few quid a month and there is no long term commitment.

Look out for the photos from tomorrows event.  So excited!


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