A few days ago I was at an event learning about Havening.  It is a technique for helping you clear any blocks you have that are holding you back in life and removing trauma.

So picture this – I was in my hotel room, and I decided to wash my clothes – as I had been having a play with the dog earlier, and I thought they had a bit of a dog smell about them (no funny comments required, thank you very much!).  And I hung them up on the shower door.

So imagine my surprise – when I later went back into the bathroom and walked into that very shower door – not expecting it to be there!  Ironic!  And a little painful.  But then so are all invisible barriers.

And I thought to myself (after a couple of choice words) – how interesting!  I wonder what other barriers I have been putting up for myself to walk into.  Because that’s what we do isn’t it?

We erect barriers that we walk right into and then wonder why we can’t move any further or why we feel stuck in life.  We want to lose weight – but we create the barrier of buying food which won’t help us.  Or we believe we are no good with money and so we spend unnecessarily, so that we stay exactly where we are – stuck – and can therefore blame ‘being no good with money’.

We erect barriers around our emotions all the time.  It’s understandable – it is to protect ourselves.  And that is understandable.  When we have been hurt – by trauma, or beliefs, or other people (back to beliefs), then we don’t want to feel like that anymore.  We often attach a meaning to an event which is not helpful or even true – but which holds us back. It’s a barrier to moving forwards, because moving forwards looks too painful or difficult.

For 6 months after my beloved Ozzy Dog and I had to say goodbye, I felt huge guilt.  It wasn’t rational, but it was there. I have now reframed that – with help from Vivian McKinnon – to compassion, and it made a massive difference.

That’s the reason I was on the Havening course, so I can add it to our Toolbox at the Find Your Why Foundation, so I can help 10 million souls go from asking ‘why me’ to ‘why not me?’.

So – where are you putting up invisible barriers?  When are you going to recognise them for what they are?  They are not insurmountable stop signs.  They are loving arms you put around yourself to protect you.  When you realise that – you may not need them anymore.  And if you’d like some help to recognise your blocks – please get in touch.



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