What Do You Need Right Now?

It goes without saying that many people have had to put a lot of thought into how they can pivot their businesses during this current crisis.  None of us (unless you have some centenarians in your family) have ever had to live through something like this before. 

Just over 100 years ago in 1918 and in the midst of the First World War, Spanish Flu hit.  About a quarter of the world population (at the time) were affected and there were between 50 and 100,000,000 deaths.  Yes,  that’s right – 50 to 100 MILLION deaths worldwide and around 250,000 in the UK. 

It was the war.  Much of the bad news was not reported – so as to keep morale high and the enemy from knowing the details, I guess.  Spain was neutral and therefore published their data – which might be why it became known as Spanish Flu.  It didn’t originate in Spain.

Spanish Flu was unusual in that the key sufferers were not the very young and very old like with most ‘flu’ – in fact the over 75’s had the lowest death rate.  This flu hit the 20-30 years olds the most.  And you could catch it in the morning and be gone by the evening. 

Social distancing didn’t happen in the way that it has now in this pandemic.  Governments around the world have taken extreme measures to protect people in this current situation, and for that, we must be grateful whilst also knowing that behind each of the figures there are people. 

Even for those who have not caught the virus, not become ill – life has changed out of all recognition.  It has forced many changes – not all negative.  Pollution is down.  Crime is down.  People are finding new ways of working. 

It has given some a little more time, more headspace. 

And it occurred to me this week that new skills will be required by many. 

I have for years, run online coaching programs – individual and group.  And this ability to conduct your business online is one that many people are venturing into for the first time.  I had started to put together training for people who want to run online coaching, and of course, it is needed now more than ever. 

So, I hope it is OK if I tell you about it and ask you to pass on the details to anyone you think might need it.  Because of the current situation I am putting it out at a fraction of the investment I was going to put it out at pre the current circumstances. 

Introducing – the “How To Coach On-Line Programme”

This is an essential if you are you a coach, mentor or trainer that is looking to transfer from your 1:1 or Group Coaching/Meetings to offering your service or product on-line.

In this course, you can learn the 4 must-have requirements needed to retain the personal touch, whilst staying professional whilst running your business On-Line.

Having mentored thousands of people over 5 continents in the last 6 years & trained others to do the same – I’m  sharing everything I know about how to run an online coaching business efficiently and effectively, from the comfort of your own home.

These skills are also needed if you have suddenly become an at home employee or employer – to stay connected with your colleagues in a confident manner.

CLICK The Link below to get access

How To Coach Online

Type in LAUNCH In the coupon box to get the 90% off. 

I hope it helps.  Let me know if I can be of help in any way at this strange time and as far as you can – have a Happy Easter and stay safe!

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