Have you heard this expression? “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

This quote – which is often attributed to the Buddha – is probably not something he ever said and has been attributed instead to Theosophy – a synthesis between Eastern and Western religions created in the late 1800’s.

But whoever said it originally, it has been demonstrated many times by many people. Not least of which was Lisa Zevi – who was the subject of last weeks blog. Lisa had been looking for public speaking training, knowing that although she was comfortable presenting, that she could do with some input to make her even better.

As a result, she came along to one of my one day workshops, and from there signed up for some coaching, which involved coaching her for the TEDx talk I organised in December 2019.

That is quite a simple example of the expression – when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears. And it’s not as mystical and magical as it might seem.

What’s the Science behind it?

I mean, when you have decided to do something, would I be right in thinking that you are more focused on and therefore notice stuff that is related to your decision? When you have decided on what make and model and colour of car you want to buy next, do you start seeing them everywhere? You do, don’t you?

However, what can be quite magical is when that when you get out of your own way – by making a decision about something you have been procrastinating about – how the universe seems to open all sorts of doors which you didn’t realise were there to help you, and shuts others.

Let me give you an example.

A few years ago (maybe 8 or 9 now), I made a decision that I needed some public speaking training. I had no idea why I thought I needed that at the time – I worked in sales for Dracula (that’s another story) and didn’t run my own business, and never had a need to ‘speak from stage’. But I knew it was something I should do and I decided to trust the gut instinct and spend more money than I had ever spent before on some public speaking training.

As a result – 8 years later, I am an award winning, international public speaking coach and speak from stages all over the world. I met and formed a partnership with (my now close friend and business partner) Marion Bevington. And I am a TEDx Talk organiser, public speaking coach and have a large community who I love and serve.

The teachers that have appeared during this journey have not all been benevolent mentors. Sometimes the people who appear in your life, teach you what you DON’T want, what you WON’T (any longer) put up with and who you REFUSE to be anymore.

They are a blessing in disguise – sometimes a really good disguise – but they are, nonetheless, a blessing.  Whether the Buddha actually said it or not, doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that there is truth in that saying.

Who are the current teachers in YOUR life? The ones you want, and the ones you really don’t want, but need right now? I’d love to know.









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