Sandie Duggan is an author and recovering opiate addict, originally from Fleetwood in Lancashire (like me). And the universe clearly wanted us to meet.  I was speaking at a public speaking event where I talked about my cousin and I had just come off stage when this lovely lady came up to talk to me.

She had known my cousin – in fact, Sandie’s Dad was involved with my cousins Mum (and still is to this day).  And the synergy didn’t end there.  When I later did Sandie’s charts, the similarities were striking.

But that wasn’t what Sandie was there to talk about on the Live Love Laugh LIVE.

Sandie’s story is inspirational.

In retrospect, she realised that the drugs were masking the fact that she wasn’t living a life true to herself.  Her rehab was actually the beginning of that realisation.  And her book,  ‘Mum, Morphine and Me’ is the telling of that story.

And it is so common a story – that people get lost, by which I mean, they lose themselves.  And they are so scared of being judged that they stay stuck, unable to ask for help.

Sandie’s talk, is entitled, “Who’s The Biggest Bully?”  you can watch it here

In this WHYs Words interview, Sandi talks about her life, what she is passionate about and what (now) makes her laugh.


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