So, last week was International Women’s Day.  That’s special enough, right?  But for me and Maz, and all of our lovely WHY’s Women in the Live Love Laugh Lounge – it is even more special.

Let me take you back 6 years to 2016.  This was the first year of our Live Love Laugh Lounge, and our Find Your Why brand.  I had been working for Andy Harrington for a few years, and much as his public speaking training is literally second to none – which I know because I not only delivered it, I trained all the other trainers (ACE Coaches) – there was something missing.

You see, in order to speak, you need something to speak ABOUT.  Something that you are passionate about, something that you know you can help others with.  And until you have that rock solid understanding, many people – especially women – lack the confidence to get up on stage, or in front of a camera, and speak.

They suffer from imposter syndrome – which tends to start with “Who do I think I am to……” And so they watch as other – in some cases – less qualified or less skilled competitors, get their message out to the world.

WHY we created The Live Love Laugh Lounge

And so, Marion (Bevington) and I had decided that what we needed to do was to share the journey we had been on, and the steps we had taken to discover our own WHY.  This is the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning.  It’s the thing that you are passionate about – that you would do even if you didn’t get paid.  The thing you would STILL do even if you won the lottery.

Because here’s the thing.  Once you know that, once you feel that fire and awaken your passion, then you HAVE to do it.  You HAVE to get on stage, or on camera, and talk about it.  You HAVE to help people.  It’s no longer a choice, it is what you are here on earth to do.

And so we started the Find Your Why Foundation and one year in – we decided we should celebrate all the success stories that had already happened in ‘The Lounge’.  So, we created a special day, where our members could come along, meet each other face to face (as much of our program is delivered online) and where we could make some awards to our WHY’s Women – and men.

The First Celebration

We chose a date – March 8th – having no idea that this was actually International Women’s Day.  And when we found out – it seemed just perfect.  Serendipity!

Sunday was this years #FindYourWHYLive awards event, at the Mercure Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester.  And a great day it was.  We had 14 speakers (including me!), sharing their stories, their journeys and their systems.  Programs they have developed during their membership of the Lounge.

The stories made us laugh, cry and gasp (at the thought of swimming the Channel in ice cold conditions).  And it was so great to see and celebrate all the books, programs and businesses that have been created. And of course, to recognise this years WHY’s Women – Kath Wynne-Jones, Alison Magee-Barker and Rachel Riches.

And you see celebration is important.  Because if you don’t recognise what you have done well – or BRILLIANTLY – why should anyone else?  And also – what’s it all been for?  Business – as my friend Carole says – is often harder than you think it will be, costs more than you budget for and creates more stress than you anticipated – at least until you have momentum.

And so you MUST celebrate.  Celebrate your wins – and your fails – because I guarantee you learn more from your ‘fails’ than your wins.  And fails are not failures.  They are just stuff that didn’t work, that allow you to learn, adjust and go again.

What Have Dentists Got To Do With Personal Development?

And that’s a bit like the story I told on Sunday about dentists.  Who doesn’t love a good dentist story?  What do you mean you hate the dentist?  I’m joking.  Most people do not enjoy going to the dentist.  But that’s because they go – once a year (maybe twice) and then they go away and don’t do the work.

It’s a bit like personal development.  You cannot just go to an event (even one as special as our annual awards) and expect that everything is going to change for you UNLESS….you go away and do the work.

Just like, you can’t go on an annual check up with the dentists and then go away and not brush your teeth twice a day or floss.

It’s the little things, done every day, which become success habits.  Learn something, then implement it.  Meditating for 10 minutes a day is better than doing an hour once a month.  Regular small actions become habits.  Habits become second nature.  And this is the fuel that creates results.

And that deserves celebration.  Not the one off big risk that worked out.  The little things, implemented daily and weekly into your business.  The things you don’t think about because they have become second nature.  Take time to celebrate you, your tenaciousness, your commitment, your belief in you and your vision.

And that all starts with Finding Your Why.

If you would like to be part of next years annual awards, perhaps being one of the speakers, providing your newly published book, or your coaching program for the raffle, networking with other women with a vision and a purpose – then drop me an email to with the subject line ‘Find My Why’, and I’ll send you a link for a virtual coffee.

If I can help you find your WHY, or to find the answer to any question that you have that may be holding you back from starting or growing your business I will tell you.  And if I can’t I will tell you that too and can probably put you in touch with someone in our group who has the info you are looking for (Anita with her Akashic records, Kath with her Joy Finding system, or Ruth with her phenomenal success with dealing with difficult people for example).






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