Why Is Community Important?

There are 2 main reasons that community is important, and many variables below each of these. 

Firstly – humans need community for practical reasons.  Back in the day – and today also, in a different way – the community gives many practical benefits.  Not least of these is a sense of security and safety. 

One person would have a hard time bringing a mammoth down, but a whole tribe could do it.  And one person cannot be awake and asleep at the same time.  And when asleep – the single human is vulnerable, whereas in a tribe there can always be a lookout.  Like with meercats!!

Also – within a community, you have different skills and experiences.  For centuries humans lived in communities where there would be one baker, one butcher, one farrier, one publican, etc.  You didn’t have to have all the skills, just one of them – as there was someone else who could shoe your horse, or make your sword or your bread. 

And those principles still apply today. In a close community, there is security and safety.  And there is a sharing of resources, ideas, and skills. 

But actually, most people aren’t just in a community for practical reasons. 

Most people want to be in a community for something else. 

The majority of people want to be in a community for the sense of belonging it brings with it.  There is something lovely, something that resonates with your soul, about being in a community of like-minded individuals, that is different to just being in one because of geographical location (like your village). 

Being in a community of people who share something – a vision – something they care about – gives something emotional and spiritual, and makes people feel less lonely.  It makes you feel emotionally safe. 

You can go out from your community into the big wide world and know that back there, are people who have your back – who you can count on for support. 

And they are there whenever you go back to them – for support, for inspiration and importantly, for celebration. 

What’s The Find Your Why Foundation?

And that’s why our Find Your Why Foundation members are coming along to a meet and greet this weekend.  At this get together members all meet to see each other, greet new members and find out ho they can help and support each other.

It is also an opportunity for us to give back to our members, and not only just by hosting the event.  On this occasion, we are also drawing the winner of a very special prize.  A place on our Marrakesh retreat.

We created our retreat because we feel it is important for us (and therefore might be for other people too) to get away at least once a year to focus on YOU and what you need, as an individual and for your business if you have one. 

We found the most incredibly chilled, beautiful place in Marrakesh where the owners treat us like royalty and we are so well looked after, in such calm and lush surroundings that we always have a tinge of regret when we have to leave, and we are always excited to go. 

The retreat costs between £2,000 and £3,000 per person normally and one of our community is going to win a free place.

You have to be in it to win it though. 

What do you have to lose?  The Find Your Why Foundation costs just £9.99 to join as a trial and there is no tie in.  Here is the link to go have a look at everything you get as part of your membership.  https://www.findyourwhyfoundation.com/become-a-member/

As well as monthly learning in the form of a monthly lesson, you get to find out your type (which makes sense of a lot of your thoughts and behaviour patterns), Live Q and A’s, and an expert each month.  And of course, our Facebook group and live meetings where you can get to know the community. 

Look out for the pics next week – and whatever you are doing this weekend – enjoy!  And we hope to see you in Marrakesh sometime soon!

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