Life is an ever-unfolding journey, filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. Along this winding path, there comes a time when you may realise that creating a remarkable life story requires taking risks.

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you were to look back, you may notice that some of your most vivid memories come from times where you had to take some sort of risk. Nearly all the most ‘risky’ times seem to be when you are trying something new. It is obvious as to why that is the case! Because once you have done something once, it doesn’t seem so risky the next time.

There are times in life when you just want to sit back and say you ‘can’t be bothered’ – we’ve all been there. For example, last week at our Strictly Come Speaking event – the weather was hot and sunny, and it seemed like the perfect day to sit back and just let life flow on.

But it’s crucial to instead understand the importance of saying ‘YES’!

Embracing Changes

You have to embrace change. Often, the fear of the unknown can keep you rooted in your familiar routines and comfort zones.

Here’s the thing though, change is an essential catalyst for personal growth. By willingly stepping into new territories, whether it’s starting a new career, moving to a different city, or pursuing a new passion (such as public speaking!), you open doors to opportunities that often reshape your life.

Overcoming Fear

Fear is a powerful force that can hold you back from taking risks. You know it – it’s that voice in your mind. It whispers doubt in your ears, convincing you to stay within the boundaries of what feels safe and familiar.

Now this voice isn’t necessarily your enemy – think of it as more of a warning. The ego’s job is to keep you ‘safe’. Only sometimes those warnings can be wrong. It’s moments like this where you have to stop and ask yourself – where’s the real danger? What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Yes, being afraid is perfectly natural – believe me, I’ve heard every fear associated with public speaking there possibly can be. But growth lies just beyond the threshold of fear. To create a better life story, you need to confront and overcome your fears.

Chasing Dreams

Perhaps you aren’t afraid of public speaking, but instead it’s one of your dreams. Yet, dreams alone are not enough; they must be accompanied by action and a willingness to take risks.

Pursuing dreams often means defying what you previously considered to be societal norms (such as dancing in public) or venturing into uncharted territory (a new environment). But by taking risks in pursuit of what you want, you can carve a path that aligns with your deepest desires, ultimately leading to a life story that is truly your own.

Your Life Story

At this point you may be wondering, ‘Why all the emphasis on my life story?’. And that’s simple – it’s all about YOU. Your story shapes you, and you can’t rewrite the past, but you can write your future.

Your story is your legacy, and what you can share with others to inspire them. Some of the greatest public speakers share their stories as a way of motivating people, because nothing is more authentic than real life experiences.

So, if you want a long-lasting legacy, you need a memorable life story. And the best way to do that is to take more risks. Say ‘yes’ more often.

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Cheryl xx

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