WHY do we ask WHY?

If you have small children around you (or if you can remember being a child) I am sure you know the feeling you get after the repeated question “But Why?” and even though you know that this is how the child will learn, you too like me may have used the closing sentence “Because it just is!” It may be born out of frustration or even a lack of knowledge …I mean why is the sky blue??

In an article from The Huffington post “Why Do children Ask” Dr Rebecca Palacios tells us:

Our children’s first experiences in asking questions is in their quest to find meaning in and understand the world they live in. These questions are the foundations for and the building blocks of deep thinking and will help prepare them for the future.

So if it’s right that we should encourage children to ask WHY questions, let take a look at the definition of the word its self:

Definition of WHY


for what reason, purpose, or cause?: why are you here?

I believe that not only should we encourage a child’s development and learning by helping them to answer these questions and we can also ask ourselves some wise questions too.

In The Live Love Laugh Lounge myself and co-creator Marion Bevington help our community members (you’ve guessed it The WHY’s Women) to question “WHY am I here” not only in terms of are you living a life with a reason/purpose but also in terms of “WHY are you here” right now, that is what decisions brought you to this place. It is through these questions and their answers that you can start to become AWARE of how you can take control of the future by continuing to make good decisions or how to avoid making poor ones again. Interestingly, it is not always the decisions you make but in fact it can be the decisions that have been made by your ancestries that may still be influencing you today (see Marion’s WHY! not have a banana?)

I often get asked WHY so you do what you do Cheryl


It’s November 2013 and I’m lying on my back in the middle of a room in Angel Islington, London, UK. It’s been over 40 minutes of investigation and I can hear my stomach rumbling.

Leaning over me I can see her fiddling with her papers and workbook. With a back-drop of clutter including a hammock, hand drawn etchings on the wall, piles of books everywhere and 100’s of trinkets that have been collected on her many travels. She is like the female version of Indian Jones in search of ancient truths.

As she speaks, its like Cilla Black has arrived in the room;

“Ok Cheryl put your hand up and try to resist, mmmm.., yes, ok and again”

As I watch her in her flowing orange, white and burgundy hippy frock she drops some papers on the floor as her red glasses slip to the end of her nose, I can’t help thinking “Bless her – I don’t think she’s mastered this yet but she’s a friend and she asked me to help her so I’ll just lie here – I’m sure it will all be over soon”

Little did I know what was about to happen…

“Ok Cheryl it is either you have to be watch the energy you give to others”

As she is pointing to her book – I’m thinking, “this is a crock of shit”

“Or Cheryl, It’s you have to be careful?”

“OH MY GOD THEY”VE FOUND OUT!” The voice is my head is loud and scared and I can feel the summersault in my stomach and the tears start to flow……….

My mind goes back to when I was 5 years old “But WHY mummy?”

This is where it all started.

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Love Cheryl xx

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