collaberateIt may not have escaped your notice that we had an election yesterday.  And far from the clear and increased majority that the Conservatives had expected to achieve, we have a hung Parliament (if you know me well there would normally be a joke in there) however, in this case of course this specifically means that no ONE party got 326 seats – which is what they need to guarantee a majority vote every time. And what has that got to do with collaborating?  Well, I am coming to that.

This morning you would have thought the world had ended, if you have been looking at social media.  The pound “crashed” when the exit poll predicted 314 seats for the Tories.  Wel, it’s looking like 318 – which is actually only 12 less than they already had.  You might be thinking a lot of effort to go to for no result.  However, NOT, as everyone would have you believe, a disaster.

Here’s the thing, I actually think it is a good thing.

Because if you don’t have an overall majority that means you can’t just run roughshod over everyone else and you might actually have to collaborate.  And that’s a good thing right?  Here’s the thing, Teresa May might not have wanted the result she has got but she has no doubt already been on the phone to whoever she needs to re collaborating.  Because, I believe, that women are naturally a bit better at this.

Whether that is true or just my imagination, who knows, but the point is that collaborating is a good thing.  No one person, or party, has ALL the answers, and working together with people who may have different ideas, different experiences and different values – can only be a good thing, surely.

Think of the amount of collaborating that goes on in a company board.  On a board – the directors are recruited (exec and non-exec) for the skills that they bring.  Often people with very different philosophies are brought together for the very reason that differing opinions brought together often bring the best results.  The two opposing views will challenge each other.  And because they are all working together/collaborating to achieve the same goal, what happens is a fusion of the best of both.

For example – the risk taker pushes the cautious.  The cautious adds checks and measures to mitigate the risk taking.  On a board full of risk takers, the company might grow well and quickly, but they might also go too far and f*** it up big style.  On the other hand, a board full of overly cautious people will never do anything and their collaborating may just cause the company to stagnate and go out of business.

The difference that approach would make in politics!   Imagine if it wasn’t about who won, it was about how EVERYONE could work together so that the country won.  What a difference that would make!

As part of The Find Your WHY Foundation we use a tool called The Genetic S.T.Y.L.E Blueprint and this tool helps to identify what your S.T.Y.L.E is.

There are 5 in total and we relate them to the people that would be needed to build a house from The Initiator (the one with the idea), The Architect (the one that pulls all the plans together), The Specialist (who knows where to get the raw materials and the right people for the job), The Builder (the actual one who physically builds the house) and finally The Neighbour (who looks at the finished results and comments on how to make it even better!).  Now here’s the thing, all are needed if you want to complete the job. (if you would like to know which S.T.Y.L.E you are just drop me a mail to and mark the mail “Tell me who I am”.

In the spirit of collaboration, then I would like to invite you to join Mazza (Marion Bevington co-author of “Find Your WHY!”) and myself for our 1 year anniversary party.  Yes – can you believe it’s 1 year since we launched the Live Love Laugh Lounge and began growing our WHY’s women and men.  Well on July 22nd at the lovely Tankersley Manor, we will be celebrating, collaborating and partying the night away.

We will be spending time with people we love and who lift us up, celebrating and collaborating.   And in the spirit of adding value and serving others, one person will win a free place on our next retreat in January (valued at £2,000), now if you like the sound of that, then come and join us.

If you would like to join us for this night of fun, frolics and frikkin’ awesome people (and we would LOVE it if you can), then email me at to book your spot – there are a limited number of seats, so please act now.

The details are

Saturday 22nd July, arrival 5pm for 5.30 start, Tankersley Manor, Sheffield

3 course meal £49 per head or £79 for 2 drop me a mail to to book a place (or 2) now.

Current and future WHYs Men & Women welcome


See you there!





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