Throughout the rollercoaster that is life, there are many points in which you reach a crossroads. Do you stay where you are, or take the plunge and move on? Are you even certain of where you are right now, to be able to move on?

Now think of life as an actual rollercoaster – really envision it. The colour, the track, everything.

You can choose to go on the little train that takes you round and round, and keep it to a duller experience. Or you can be brave and get on the Big One – start something new, and build it up and then when you reach the ‘peak’ you start to experience something completely exhilarating. It can be both scary and exciting.

The problem is that many people feel unable to make this climb. They might blame it on external reasons – ‘I don’t have the money’ or ‘It doesn’t fit into my schedule’. But in reality, these are just excuses the mind wants to hear. By putting the blame onto things that appear out of your control, you feel as though you don’t have to make a start just yet.

Only here’s the thing, the real reasons lie below the surface. And unless you face them they will stop you ever getting on that roller coaster, ever experiencing the thrill.

Self-Doubt Is A Killer

Let’s face it, the biggest reason that people don’t do what they would really love to do, is self-doubt. You can often be your biggest critic, and you may not even know it just yet.

Tell me, when someone compliments you, how do you react? Do you accept it, and agree with it thinking, ‘They’re right, I did do this or that well today!’? Or do you think, ‘They’re just being nice’ or ‘I doubt it’ and shrink away? Because if that’s the case, you’re blocking your own path.

Let’s try something. I want you to list your strengths – and I mean at least 10 of them. Does anything immediately come to mind, or do you struggle?

Change The Way You Think

The thing is, if you find it hard to write a big list of everything that is great about you, then it’s not your fault. From a young age, particularly as women, we are taught to be humble.

You hear messages like, ‘no one likes a show-off’ or how it’s all about supporting others rather than yourself. And whilst it IS good to support your family, where does that leave you?

Creating your new self-beliefs requires growth. And the human mind fears growth as much as it does leaving the comfort zone. Why? Because if often comes with pain. Think about the first time you tried to ride a bike, you probably fell off and grazed your knee. Did it hurt? Yes. But do you remember the pain now, or how to ride a bike?

The journey of self-discovery comes with set-backs, and they are to be expected. No-one said it would be an easy ride. There may be people who surprise you along the way (both good and bad!!) and there may be parts of your life you have to say goodbye to. But when you’ll look back afterwards, you’ll realise how much they were holding you back.

You’re Ready To Add New Tracks To Your Life

Once you’ve established actual reality (that you are perfectly capable and full of skills) VS false reality (you aren’t ‘good enough’), try complimenting yourself. Now write a new list of strengths, and see how much easier they come to mind.

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Remember – you can create the most exciting, memorable rollercoaster of life that you want – it’s all in your hands.

Cheryl xx

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“I’m on a global mission to help 10 million disheartened souls, who are at a crossroads, to STOP asking why me? And START saying why not me!”

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