I have been talking about how the Genetic Blueprint helps you find your WHY a lot recently, and I thought it might be helpful to put it in context and share with you how it REALLY works.
So I am going to be interviewing various lovely WHYs Women over coming weeks who know their genetic blueprint and have used it in various ways in their life, to make a lasting difference.
This week I was talking to the lovely Carole Fossey – social media whizz kid – who came on our second ever retreat in Marrakesh and went through our Find Your Why process – starting with the genetic blueprint.
Now Carole used to run recruitment companies and so has used many of the psychometric tools in the past, and understands their uses and limitations. She really loved the Genetic Blueprint, because of its simplicity and insightfulness. You see, if you have ever done a psychometric test, you will know that you can affect the outcome of the test by how you feel on the day, or which ‘hat’ you are wearing that day (Mum/Boss/Expert etc).

With the Genetic Blueprint, just 3 pieces of unchanging information creates the foundation for your blueprint.

Let me overview a couple of the things we talked about.
Carole is what we call a specialist. So her job is to come into a project/situation/company and to bring her expertise to that project.  But she also is unusual in that she has some ‘Initiator’ – so once the project is live, she can create the ideas to make that project work.
She runs a social media company – which is perfect for this skills set – bringing her expertise and also being able to create the strategy around her clients needs.

What is really interesting though is what Carole remembered about her genetic blueprint.

She discovered that she is here to bring clarity, to listen and learn and to pass that knowledge on to others.  Now she was already doing this in various ways – teaching her teams, speaking at public events, and she loved it.
But knowing that this was very much her WHY – enabled her to say YES to an opportunity that came up last year.  She was presented with an opportunity. It didn’t seem very promising. Her (now) business partner had something he was working on but, well, it wasn’t working.
However, the opportunity ticked her boxes of bringing clarity, learning and teaching and so she was able to say yes, take this non performing idea and turn it into a 275k business in the first 9 months from launch.
Now if you want to know how – you will have to watch the video here.

The point being – finding your WHY is powerful.

And it starts with 3 simple pieces of information which will give you your free Genetic Blueprint.  You will be shocked – as Carole was – with its accuracy and the insights it will bring you, which you can use to make better decisions and uncover your WHY.
If you have had your Genetic Blueprint done and would like to join me on zoom to discuss what difference this has made in your life, email me on cheryl@cheryl-chapman.com.
And if you haven’t yet done it – it takes 2 minutes – follow this link right now!

Cheryl xx 

PS – The genetic blueprint really helps with understanding who you are and what you are here to do – fill in this 2-minute questionnaire and I will send you your own ‘genetic blueprint’ which will help you understand yourself so you can begin to find your why!  You will find it here 

PPS – If the link doesn’t work for any reason (sometimes technology has a bad day) then email me on cheryl@cheryl-chapman.com and I will sort it out for you! 

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“I’m on a global mission to help 10 million disheartened souls, who are at a crossroads, to STOP asking why me? And START saying why not me!” 

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