Last week,  I spoke about knowing who you are, and how you can be approachable by being vulnerable. You can read it here in case you missed it. 

I also went to London – arguably a fairly glamourous city. Well, I’ll leave that for you to decide anyway. 

But whilst I was there it got me thinking; what does it mean to be in control of your life? The author of your book, or the director of your life movie? 

Or are you an extra in your movie?

What do I mean by that? 

10 years ago, I was definitely an extra in my own life movie! Because I had no idea what I wanted out of life, I was spending all my time working for my boss (aka.  Dracula!) and I didn’t even have a clue what my WHY was. 

If my life was a movie back then, I was nothing more than an extra, with the main actors a bunch of people (some of whom I didn’t even know!), and the directors being Gordon and Stella! And no, I don’t mean the people. 

But now, things are different, and my life movie took a completely different course. 

I stopped drinking, quit my job, and began to pursue a career that aligns with my purpose – to help women find their WHY. 

I became the director of my movie, the one in control, and I love how it has turned out. 

How can you become the director of your movie?

Being the director of your movie means a couple of things – firstly, that you’re in control. 

You aren’t doing certain things because someone is telling you to, you’re doing them because you WANT to, because they align with your WHY. You’re living your life with your own terms and conditions. 

Of course, then there’s things you HAVE to do. Paying the bills, for example. And sure, you do have to do these things, you can’t always expect to do everything you want all the time.  

A lot of the time, it’s about perspective. I don’t think there’s a single person on Earth who enjoys paying the bills, however, rather than thinking, “I hate doing this, why is this so expensive?” try thinking, “I’m so grateful that I can afford the increased heating bills and get to live in this lovely home.” 

Looking at these must-do tasks positively can make them pass by much quicker – so if you haven’t already, give it a try! 

Are you just drifting through life?

The second part of being the director of your movie is making sure that you enjoy life. Of course, I don’t mean that every day will be positive, or that you’ll feel happy all the time. 

What I do mean, is this; are you constantly running through the same cycles everyday? Wake up, go to work, cook dinner, go to bed, repeat, then repeat again, and again, until everyday is the same? 

If that’s a yes, then you aren’t truly living, you’re just surviving. How can you direct a movie that is stuck on repeat? 

What you need are challenges, steps outside of your comfort one. New opportunities, thrills, and anything that gives you that WHY feeling. 

Even if something new doesn’t work out, it’s still a turning point, something new that you’ve learnt about yourself, a new scene for your movie! 

Then there’s third step – knowing your fellow stars.

By ‘fellow stars’, I mean the people around you.  

Surrounding yourself with the right people is vital for yourself AND your movie. Think about it – would a director choose bad actors? 

Of course, I’m talking about people who make you feel happy, people you care about, people who support you – not how well they can act! You need supporters not frenemies.  

Now, all of this is pointless if you don’t know your WHY.

Your WHY will give you answers to all of this.  

The first step to find your WHY is to fill in a genetic blueprint – a free tool that will show you who you truly are, and what you’re here to do!  You can find it here.

And if you’re looking for some ‘fellow stars’ then you can find some in The Live Love Laugh Lounge – a community of like-minded women who know their WHY (or are currently on a journey to find it!). Email me on to find out more about our group! 

Remember: life will never run as smoothly as an actual movie, but that’s OK. As long as you’re the director now! 

Cheryl xx 

PS – The genetic blueprint really helps with understanding who you are and what you are here to do – fill in this 2-minute questionnaire and I will send you your own ‘genetic blueprint’ which will help you understand yourself so you can begin to find your why!  You will find it here.  

PPS – If the link doesn’t work for any reason (sometimes technology has a bad day) then email me on and I will sort it out for you! 

PPPS – If you liked this blog and want to read more blogs surrounding female empowerment, you can find last week’s here: ‘To Be – or Not To Be….Vulnerable

“I’m on a global mission to help 10 million disheartened souls, who are at a crossroads, to STOP asking why me? And START saying why not me!” 

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