‘Are you able to work well with others?’

I’m sure you’ve heard that question before. Perhaps during an interview, or while you were at school. Don’t worry though – I’m not expecting you to answer!!

Of course, the answer the person would be looking for is a ‘yes’. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. For some people, however, it can seem much easier to keep your head down and focus on your own work instead.

So – in case you feel teamwork is not a skill you need to work on – I’m going to disprove this idea, by looking at birds.

I know you might think I’ve lost the plot here, but hear me out!

The V Formation

You have probably seen the V formation – when birds tend to fly in a V shape, almost like an arrow.

For a long time, scientists wondered why exactly they flew like this, and how they were able to do it so efficiently.

I won’t bore you with all the biological stuff, but to put it simply, the birds move quicker and stronger when flying together. With the way that they all flap their wings, they’re pretty much tracing each other’s tracks, and can even adjust their speed to match each other’s wing movements.

Think of it like walking through snow – it’s much more efficient and quicker to trace someone else’s’ footprints rather than making your own snow path.

Not only that, but scientists also wanted to know how the birds learned this. At first, they thought it might take until the birds’ adulthood, but when they watched birds growing up together, they noticed that they were able to learn from each other.

By now, you’ve probably guessed where I’m going with this. Turns out our feathered friends are a great example of how to learn and achieve more when working with others!

The Truth About Leadership

For most teams, there is usually a leader, right? A leader should motivate their team, recognise each members qualities, set the direction and help move everyone in the right direction.

That’s how it works for the birds, since they will all end up following the leader at the front (who changes on a regular basis).

But whilst being a leader is important, it isn’t the most important. Because without a good team, there is no point for a good leader. You need both.

A team without a leader will lack clarity and direction. A leader without a team is never going to get as far as their true potential.

Humans need collaboration, we naturally thrive the same way birds do when we work as groups.

Finding the Right Team

Now here’s the thing – maybe you’ve already decided that you want to be a leader. Or maybe you’d prefer to let someone else in your team take that role. But the truth is, there doesn’t have to be just one leader, there can be multiple!

As with the birds, the best teams in the modern workplace have multiple leaders taking the lead on different aspects of the work or project. A top down leadership style is actually quite old school, and it has been proven that change is implemented more effectively with a bottom up approach.

The really important factors are communication, and team values. If you can bring both of those to a team, and mix that with empowerment then you can guarantee success.

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At the end of the day, success is a team effort. After all, what’s a speech without an audience?

Cheryl xx

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