Have you ever thought you were going in one direction and ended up in another? You thought life was TELLING you that you were meant to be sat in a shipping container selling bathmats?

Or maybe that was just me.

This thought occurred to me the other night when I was – unusually for me – watching tele with Mr C.

David Attenborough was on.  And of course, as always, the photography was brilliant, the videography was amazing, and I was moved and inspired.

The thing that inspired me the most wasn’t the hyenas being hand-fed. Yes – hand fed! That was nerve-wracking to watch.  Like in a horror story I kept expecting one to bite someone’s hand off!  The locals believe that if you feed the hyenas it keeps the evil spirits away! I guess it keeps away anything that fears hyenas.

And it wasn’t the Cheeky monkeys – blatant and confident!  Nor was it the incredible Mr Attenborough himself, still going strong where most people are enjoying their well-earned retirement.

No – it was the Turtles.

You see, turtles hatch in the moonlight.  When they hatch, they should follow the moonlight into the sea.  It’s dangerous and there are many predators waiting.  They don’t all make it.  But enough make it to ensure the continuation of the species.

Unless – mankind gets involved.

For many of the turtle breeding grounds are now near towns, villages, or roads.  What happens is the baby turtles become confused by all the man-made light and they go the wrong way.  They go towards the WRONG lights.  They go towards the streetlights.

And then they don’t only have the normal predators to deal with, they have the most deadly predator on earth….MAN.

The sight of baby turtles falling down drains, trying to cross-roads and getting squished and generally losing their way with no one to help them was distressing, to say the least.

And it made me think – what man-made factors might have taken you away from your light?

Who do you listen to – or have listened to in the past – who made you give up on your dream?  Who criticised you or minimised your talent, and you took it to heart and gave up your passion?  If you feel lost or stuck the chances are you have gone towards the wrong light!

I know all about that.  Literally working for Dracula, in a shipping container, selling bathmats – I often wondered how the hell I got there.  It certainly didn’t feel I was thriving in my light.  In fact, I couldn’t even see the light from the inside of that container.

I had not been listening to my own internal SAT NAV which had been screaming at me get off the road I was on.

Now there is a big difference between us and the baby turtles.  That’s right – the baby turtles are cute.

No – seriously – the answer I was looking for is – YOU have a choice.  The turtle is pre-programmed to follow the light source, and it doesn’t know the difference between the right and the wrong light.

You DO know.

If you feel stuck, if you feel like you are in the wrong place, if you are generally unhappy with where you are, you can do something about it.  You can determine the difference between the right and the wrong light.

You may need to go back and understand what your story is really supposed to be.  Where is YOUR light? You Do know this – you just might need a guide to help you find it again.  That’s why I joined with Maz – Marion Bevington – to help people find their WHY.

Once you have found your WHY, you might want to share it.  You might want to become one of my Freedom Speakers.  A Freedom Speaker is a speaker without limits. Some platforms don’t allow you to talk about some things.

Some platforms might not like things that are too “woo woo” or might be too personal to you.  On our platform – anything is allowed if it is something you are passionate about and makes you smile.  So mass murderers need not apply!

I found my light 8 years ago when I went on a public speaking course and then went on to become an international speaking coach.  What I didn’t know when I started was that I would end up in 2020 creating a platform for others to speak and share their stories.

The Live Love Laugh, Lives of which there has been 1 so far and the next one is taking place on January 5th are that platform.

What happens when you sign up for the LLL Lives? Well, initially you will have a strategy call with me, where we will talk about how you LIVE, what you LOVE, what makes you LAUGH every day – that you want to share with others.

And, of course, whether the Sensational Speaker Positioning Package is actually right for you.

If it is right for you and you want to be a ‘Freedom Speaker’  with a bit of guidance,  you will send in a first submission of your proposed 15-minute talk and receive individual feedback from me.  You will then re-submit incorporating the feedback and again received feedback from me.

Then once we know your talk is going to Wow the audience, there will be presentation skills training.

On presentation day (5th January) you will deliver your talk in front of a (socially distanced) audience.  But not only that.  You will have your hair and makeup done by a professional (optional).  You will have a professional headshot or two, taken by our Live Love Laugh Lives photographer.

Your talk will be recorded by a professional videographer, and after the day it will be professionally edited, and subtitles added.  You can use this for your digital marketing, or as something you can show other organisations that may want you to speak (paid or unpaid).

And it doesn’t stop there.

You will become (maybe for the first time) a published author.  All the talks will be transcribed, edited and put together as a collaboration book and published on Amazon.  Being a published author automatically gives you massive credibility.

If you think you might like to get involved – the next feeling you might get is FEAR.  The prospect of doing it is exciting but scares you.  And that is GREAT because it means you should DEFINITELY do it!!

So, the first step is to book a call with me.  There is no obligation.  And there is a bit of a process to go through – we need to find out if it’s the right thing for you, and also for the platform.

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