What’s your favourite show? Your favourite film? And why is it your favourite?

I can guess it’s for one or two reasons. Either it had an emotional impact on you or it’s simply entertaining. In fact, the fact that you found it entertaining means it had an emotional impact on you too, if that makes sense.

Point is, when something really impacts you, you tend to remember it. There may be a moment in said film that really resonated with you. And the same goes for public speaking.

A Memorable Speech

You see, when you listen to a speaker, one of two things happen. You remember it, or you don’t. It all depends on the speech. If it’s someone just trying to sell something, with no meaningful message or relevance to you, you will switch off within the first ten minutes, or even less if they are a poor speaker.

But if they’re telling a story, you’ll be more intrigued, and if they touch your emotions too that’s even better, and you’ll remember the ‘message’.

So, when it comes to delivering this message, what do you do? You perform.

Performing To The Audience

Now don’t mix this up with just being entertaining.

The audience SHOULD be entertained, but that doesn’t mean just showbiz – I’m not talking fireworks, music and scenery. The entertainment comes from you – what you’re here to tell, what emotions you bring. How do you want the audience to feel?

It’s important to keep the audience in mind because they act as the other half of the performance.

Think about it – there’s no school without students. No party without party goers. And no public speaking without the audience – otherwise it would just be normal speaking!

How To Perform

The connection between the audience and speaker is crucial. As a speaker, you have to pay just as much to the audience as they do to you. Do they appear bored? Are they fidgeting, looking away too often?

With enough of an emotional impact, not only will your audience feel it, but through their emotions, you will feel the impact on them too.

And you need to be authentic. Through authenticity, your audience will trust you more, see and understand the real you.

When you put on a voice, use ‘presenter’ words or fake bravado, people will pick up on it. And they’ll struggle to focus on anything else.

An Experience To Remember

Public speaking isn’t just for selling, or even telling stories. It’s an experience, it can and should be a long-lasting memory not just for the audience but also for you.

If you do it right, you will touch lives. And that’s legacy! Do you remember key turning points in your own life? What if you can be that for someone else, for many ‘someone else’s’.

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Cheryl xx

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