Sometimes, no matter how hard you work for something, you just can’t do it. You’ve got the willpower, the strength (both physically and mentally).

You’ve done your research. But no matter how much you prepare, it just doesn’t happen.

That’s just how life is sometimes.

Has anyone ever wanted to work with you and you have ended up not working together?

I’ve turned down potential clients before, for several reasons. Maybe they have unrealistic expectations and I know I can’t give them what they’re looking for. Sometimes if might be because they may be better suited for someone else.

The question is, what do you do during these times?

A Different Route

The first step is to find another door. So, the one you were originally after has been locked, and you can’t go through it. Go find another one! The eating regime you chose isn’t working for you? Well that doesn’t mean you will never get to your ideal weight, it just means you need to find another route.

Life works in mysterious ways. And often, the door you weren’t originally looking for may have just been the right one after all. And that’s OK, but you need to be open to change. In ‘tech’ they call it Agile – being able to change course when you realise the original course is not working or not the most efficient.

And that term can apply to human behaviour just as well.

Out With the Old, In With the New

For example, I previously wanted to do more work on YouTube. I was set to create a couple of courses. There was no one stopping me, yet I stopped doing them, and gave up on YouTube. In fact, I was actually told by someone that YouTube is pretty old-fashioned!

Now tradition should be embraced, but it’s not always right forever. Change is how we grow, and there’s usually a reason why things get left in the past, like the horse and cart.

I realised that I needed an ‘edge’. And not just me, but many clients I met who were struggling to sell their services. There was nothing ultimately wrong with what they were doing, it’s just that there was nothing fresh or new about it either. It missed that extra personal touch, and they needed to find what made them unique.

A Personal Touch

For me, it’s our Strictly Come Speaking events. They’re personal, they’re loud, and the energy the room gets to is like nothing like I’ve ever seen before. That’s what gives us our ‘edge’.

So, in order to progress, you may need to find what makes you – well – YOU! Discover your edge!

We gave Strictly Come Speaking its name because we enjoy the TV programme. It gives it that extra personal touch. The contestants – just like our speakers – have to improve by improving their confidence and their skills. And that is what we help them to do. By the end of our ‘Strictly’ they can’t Rumba, but they can stand up and speak on a subject they are passionate about for 10 minutes or more, in a way that engages their audience and makes them stand out from the crowd.

So here’s the thing – if you’re told ‘no’, or reach a dead end – don’t panic. Take a step back and ask yourself where you CAN go next, where you WANT to go, and what are the alternative routes to get there. And embrace the changes that come. Rediscover yourself, and focus on YOU.

Cheryl xx

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